$50 Camera Vs $50,000 Camera

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This Episode ► The crew compares a Sony Handycam to a RED Epic Dragon to find out what makes a $50,000 camera worth the money.

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TheScottican says:

If you suffocate, remember keep breathing.

dotails says:

yeah $50 isn't even trying but at $300 more on an ebay DSLR with the same resolution and the difference is minimal with proper setting and lighting.

faraz_ 224 says:

Did they really shake the hell out of a 50000 dollar camera!!!!

Magic FPV says:

I see that Rotor Riot hat 🧢👍

Wendifur says:

this is the second video i've watched and they always interrupting the main video topic with some other stuff of them messing around. Why? Kind of annoying.

The GK Front says:

That's not a good comparison. You should really compare a $600 camera (like the Mirrorless cameras of the recent years) to a RED (4k and all). I have no idea why anyone would spend so much money or a RED.

Vincent Fischer says:

rotor riot must have left a good impression. see their merch everywhere

Brett Prior says:

lol. . . could have easily picked something more capable for the low end than a craigslist 1997 Sony HandyCam, lol.

Aiden Vlogs says:

So your saying I should get a red

Ian Baines says:

I'd like to see a $50 vs $500 vs $5000 vs $50,000 camera test please

Bradley Lemonds says:

Question: Basically, in controlled situations, is the RED worth it?

Answer: No. Especially, if you plan on distributing your video online like to YouTube.

Go get yourself a $50 camera.


Where did you get that black Mesa shirt ?

Majs Korv says:

Are you serious right now?

marvDE says:

What is this vasabi stuff doing in the middle of the video ?

Luca L says:

Saying the RED codec is better than H264 is like saying a monster truck is better than a motor scooter. They both have very different targets, the file size of H264 will be significantly smaller and it will be much easier to work with. In the end your whole YT video will be encoded in H264/H265 (or maybe VP8/VP9) anyways.

Also the comparison of the codecs with the camera shaking is a good test, however I don't think it is too much for the camera to handle. It is actually just the codec trying to still optimize for file size and to achieve that, it tries to get from the previous frame with very as little as possible changes to something that comes close to the next frame. There are different settings on how a codec should react, should it stay on the same data rate or should it stay on roughly the same quality level. You can even notice that when streaming videos with a bad internet connection, it might go fine as long as you have relatively calm images, but as soon as there is a scene with much changes, like a quick cutted action scene, it might freeze and show the loading icon, because the data required to stream the data in the same as needed just exceeded your bandwith for quick changing scenes.

PINK says:

I'm not gonna lie.
I got my first dslr and It is really hard learning through using lenses and stuff.

PhillyBoysRBack says:

Does Sam do anything?

Perpetuousdreamer92 says:

Is it me or I can't see the 40 000 dollars differences between the 2…I mean of course the RED is the best of the best but honestly the sony camcorder did a pretty decent job damn

TheGalacticWest says:

Nico is a beast. Or everyone else just didn’t get bullied as a kid.

Jex says:

camcorder 4k vs red camera?

norwegian m8 says:

8:27 look at his eyes

Elijah says:

You should turn this video into a 'Red Vs' series. Don't know how many cameras you could do in an episode, but doing 'Red vs Blackmagic' with the Ursa/Mini & Pocket would be great. Then you could go through any number of brands 'Red vs xxxx' style with their pro, prosumer, and solid camcorders compared. Someone else may do this already, but you guys would get a lot of views and respect by doing it with your blend of technical knowledge and approachability.

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