5 Point And Shoot Film Cameras That Are Still Awesome

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Koji 888 says:

What film : 7:35 and 7:43 is exactly the dynamic range I'm looking for. Great job. 👍

Brencaaa says:

Funny how now days these point and shoots are SO EXPENSIVE…
Personally I don't get it: film isn't cheap, so shoot it on a nice full manual (or aperture priority) camera and more important a NICE LENS.

If you want to "snap shot" use your phone, way better and cheaper.

I'm really happy with my FM2 + Zeiss Distagon 35mm f2, but when I shot it (and i shot it a lot) i'm really careful of what i'm shooting, because (again) film is not cheap.

Wanna get into film photography? BUY A NIKON F80, F90, F100 (that are really cheap for what they offer) and a good lens (like the classic 50mm f1.8) and shoot.

Ben Michaud says:

Just ordered a Olympus XA-2! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm a beginner trying to get into analog photography as a fun hobby and found your suggestion very useful 🙂

LexTNeville says:

The original Olympus XA is f2.8. Just ordered one, I heard they are pretty good.

Randall Stewart says:

Given the huge diversity of optical ability and quality of construction (or lack thereof) among the selected cameras, I'm unclear what the common feature is which makes them all equally "awesome"?

prince32780 says:

you're out of focus :')


they are all amazing and would like to have them all 😛
i might be a bit jealous!
thanks for sharnig


Sadly most of these are actually quite pricy

Hải và Film says:

does mju 2 have AV mode or Auto mode only ?

Anthony B. says:

Are you by chance from Germany ?

Rediscover Film says:

Try manual focus in your videos. The AF keeps hunting. It is annoying.

Sasha Ciudadano says:

how does everyone have a leica smh

Ben Kim says:

What watch are you wearing?

The Dead Immortal says:

"Hi and welcome to critical focus"
* camera loses focus *


great collection you have there! i love shooting point&shoots.
would love to try the xa!
if ever you want to go and look at my channel go ahead 🙂

newpixeldude says:

Wow that´s an impressive collection you got there (specially in the background). Is there any reason why you would choose the Stylus Epic over the XA? I ask this since I already own a XA and a XA2 but feel also attracted to the Stylus Epic. Still I think I don´t really need it since I have the amazing XA and Auto Focus is not enough for me to spend the Stylus. Unfortunately it´s no longer cheap. Is there other reason why you would choose it? Very nice images also BTW. Thanks!

Tom Poynton says:

You don’t even want to know how much a T2 goes for on UK eBay now

Danvil says:

I'd also like to see the film stock mentioned. The Fuji Klasse S is my favorite P&S but the price has gone through the roof.

Russell Harris says:

What? No rollei 35 or minox b?I have both and they're AWSOME.

inexorablelove says:

hi! i'm a complete newbie to film photography but i wanted to get a point and shoot just to document everyday things cuz i love the look of film so much. have been looking at some and one that's in my price range and available in my town is a yachica zoomtec 60. just wondering if you know anything about it as i couldn't find much info on the web about it. do you think it'll be a good camera for me to start with? thanks!

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