4K Sony Xperia Z2 VS 1080P Canon 60D DSLR Camera Comparison

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Here a look at the Xperia Z2’s camera Image quality comparison to a midrange Canon DSLR.

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Oregon's Lonewolf says:

Just amazing how such a small camera and sensor can really hold up to some higher end $1500 cameras.

Rozely Lindim says:

8:18 the sony have deeper depth of field while the canon shallower.. This is why the video footage on canon looks blurry I think you make bit mistake there.

Abhishek Mahajan says:

Who is watching this video in 2020?

Fawaz Thoufeeque says:

This is riticuluos a smartphone beaten a dslr??? 😨😨😨
I am a great fan of sony for 8 years,, now this guy proved it

Epsilon Theta says:

Currently using 5Dmk1 50mm 1.8 STM lense and when I compare the images with experia z1 I can't help it, I am not getting that much more diference from full frame professional level DSLR over Z1. Yes, the DOF is the only thing smart phones can't emulate well. Other than that, my DSLR has 12MP and experia is 20,4 MP. Has somewhat refined iage quality. I bet it fares pretty well at prinitng, although haven't tried it yet. By all means, those who are not deciding for DSLR, go into experia Z1, you will be amazed. Forget the iPhone picture quality, seriously.

Joseph Namud says:

sony won…clarity…color reproduction…sony is the inventor of cam corders

alan spriggs says:

Hi.I have lost my superior auto app and have to do everything manual.Can you help me get it back on my xperia z 2

normie x says:

Canon wins simply because it has better colors and less jitter. Resolution is no longer an issue, back in the day i used to shoot 320×240 on my nokia n70 and thought they looked pretty good, now we have 1080p and people complain.

camelCased says:

Did Android 6 improve the photo quality? It's a shame that Z2 photos lose to 8Mpx and 16Mpx cameras of other phones in almost every test on the Internet, despite having large sensor and 20Mpx.

Aditya Joshi says:

using sony z2

avinash reddy says:

Why does Sony does not include the IR blaster as in many phones with which we can operate any remote controlled electronic device

Jose De La Luz says:

HDR on phones vs HDR on DSLR, what's your opinion?

PikaHMW Roblox Developer says:

4k makes my computer slow

LuckyZulueta Official says:

Hi Batman!!!

Ah Fr says:

I have the Z2 , the low light performance in video shooting is really bad due to small sensor size , my friends never compare a dslr with a smartphone in terms of capturing photos and videos , for example it's impossible that a phone which costs 500 dollars for everything in it wins out of a 500 dollars dslr that just can capture photo and video
if phones could surpass pro cameras , nobody bought any dslr anymore
and 4k video capability is just a fascinating advertising technique

jmac2050 says:

so, when they decide to put bigger sensors on smartphone, than DSLR's are done.

Light In Xeno says:

one thing i have to point out can you put you canon cam in a bowl of water and getting it out without breaking it ? NO although you can do that with the sony xperia well the shut up !

Weleshboat Ian says:

very interesting video. I would like too see a video on how too get the best form the Xperia Z's camera phone.

Polarised Society says:

what they can do with technology these days is amazing, Sony cameras on the phones are just great wow

Naresh Nayak says:

Whos better camera smartphone under 25000

Naresh Nayak says:

Whos better camera under 25000

Somesh kelkar says:

bro look at how fat that camera is…make that camera as thin as a z3 and then try to fit all that shit you have in that camera

EscapeSquad says:

at last a proper smartphone vs dslr comparison!especially when you crop and zoom and in low light the dslr is untouchable!nice video!

A Jettison hem Tit says:

artifacking lol

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