4K Security Camera Review FROM Lorex NVR | PoE Home Security System

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Lorex 4K poe security camera system including NVR is the cornerstone of your smart home automation and home security. Monitor your home or business remotely with super high quality footage in the FLIR Secure app on your smartphone.

Thanks to Lorex for sponsoring this video, all links for these great systems are below.

Lorex 8 channel NR9082 4K Security System

Lorex 4KHDIP3232B 4K 32 Channel Surveillance System

Lorex 8 channel NR9082 4K with 4 8MP 4K LND8974BW Varifocal Motorized Audio Dome Cameras – 4KHDIP822NW

Similar system – ANNKE 8 Channel Network NVR Security System

Visit – http://yoyoknows.com

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Raspberry Pi Starter Kit – http://geni.us/uzEZ
Smartthings V2 HUB – http://geni.us/0d5sjq
Wink Hub – http://geni.us/c4Yb8lZ
Vera Hub – http://geni.us/2axB3iV

—- Aeotec ZWave Sensors —–
Z-Stick Gen5 – http://geni.us/AAuj
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Richard Johnson says:

Great review. This is a superior system. I installed it at work. Very impressed with the quality. A second hard drive can be added internally for up to 12TB’s.

9mmsteve says:

Flir app has 2.7 review average, not good. Also many Lorex reviews are not that great either. I want a system for our home however concerned with bad reviews.

Gregory Payne says:

From the time you put that puppy in the picture I stopped listening to you. He is adorable.

Sparkitus Maximus says:

I’m glad I didn’t have to instal mine in the freezing cold.
Run outside cables through 3/4 conduit
for secure protection. Mount cams on electrical box.

Thorbjørn Højer says:

Ville høre om du hjælpe med designet security system her til mit hus hvis jeg fik lov til at få din e-mailadresse Så kunne vi hjælpes af en anden Så vi kunne designe det selv tag billigt og trygt at bruge har brug for dit kamera udstyr rundt omkring ejendommen da jeg ikke så tit kommer der skal bruge 34 kamera og siger stationær kamera med sensor og lyd og mikrofon kunne godt tænke mig at bruge et trådløst system der er let at sætte op uden om mægler da jeg ikke har mulighed for at trække strømforsyning til lige med det samme

Don Burnett says:

It's been 11 months ago now, did you ever get a chance to put together a video on how to integrate the Lorex system with openHAB or use of other sensors to trigger Lorex video cameras to start capturing footage. I am just starting to look at home automation and security and I like the Lorex system also from what I have read. I would really like to see a follow up to your comments at the last of this video and believe several others would also. Thanks, for all your help and putting these informational videos out there..

Jake Berg says:

Awesome video! Thank you for your time.

Momma Bear says:

How did you get the camera on your shed plugged up? Bury the ether net cable underground?

Donovan G says:

Thanks so much. Looking at purchasing my first home. And looking into this system! Answered all my questions. Thanks!

zach baldomero says:

I have ro watch it twice coz I am distracted by the cutie in your lap.😍

Pirouz Farhani says:

Thanks for review. I wish you could show connections and interfaces on each camera. These days they have all kinds of interfaces e.g. RJ45, RJ11, USB, micro usb etc.

Stax of Funk says:

? for you. mine work well. I have them under an eave but when there is foggy nights it looks like a million fireflys swarming the lens and you cant see beyond that. Anyway to solve that. my eaves hang well over the house so the cameras stay out of the direct weather

Anderson C says:

Simple to install?? Not if the system is being installed AFTER a few years having moved into your new home. 🙂 You have to snake the ethernet cables into the walls and to where ever the hub is. 🙂 THAT can be a real PITA. Unless you use WiFi cameras which I know Lorex has…which I think are also 4k…

And since we're in the age of "smart tech (e.g. smartphones, smart home teck –Google Home, Ring, Argo Pro 2, Amazon Echo…)..I would have liked to see Lorex have Amazon Alexa support…

Robert Douglas says:

Just a quick question sir, I currently have a system with an extra monitor in my bedroom, would it be easy to do the same with this system? Thanks,

Robert Douglas says:

Very articulate in your review! I'm getting one, Thanks!

Mike Arnold says:

I believe Lore. Offers many camera options …how did you decide on which cameras (2 bullet, 2 dome)?

conrad b says:

What a gorgeous puppy … he wants to play😄

Juan Jimenez says:

Great video. Thanks for the tips

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