35mm Point and Shoot Cameras | What to Look For

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Compact point and shoot cameras are the best way to get into 35mm photography. These little cameras let you shoot film easily and have fun without worrying about too many settings. I’m looking at some different examples and diving into the different things to look for when picking up one of these compact little cameras.


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Sarah Yolanda says:

Thank you so much for the information!! Subscribed and liked!

Andrew says:

are u jay baruchel

Samantha Pierotti says:

great video!

con nikas says:

apparently it's better to have a prime lens than a zoom lens? is this true? are zoom lens usually lower quality?

B&T Unboxing says:

Great video; but when did Point-n-shoot cameras become popular?> There must be a dozen of these cameras floating around my parents house. Maybe I'll try and sell some 😀

subflame says:

I have 2 simple point and shoot camera
My love kodak star af(i love design, and my childhood shooted on kodak) and rare chinese or indian sonia sm1114(design like wood,and full automatic)

Farouk Alao says:

keep up the good work mate

1CONOCLA5T says:

1 have a number of point and shoots from thrift stores. Some are zooms some are fixed focal length. I'm always soooooo happy when 1 see one that takes AA or AAA batteries. its so annoying when they take weird batteries. You're right that they may still be available but not super convenient. 1 really enjoy Lomography's fisheye #2 camera as a weird quirky point and shoot but my favorite of all that 1 own thus far is the Lomo LC-A. It isn't auto focus or auto wind but its allot of fun to use. 1 did a video about it on my channel. Anyway i'm really liking your videos so far.

Komal Shashank says:

Hi, Noah. I'm a game developer and aspiring filmmaker. I stumbled upon your channel researching about analogue film technology. I absolutely loved your content and instantly subscribed and also urged a filmmaker friend of mine to subscribe as well. I haven't gone through all your videos yet, so you might have already covered this. But if you haven't… Can you talk more about analogue film cameras used for filming underwater sequences, specifically like the ones shown in Dunkirk? Thanks. What you're doing is amazing and you should continue doing it. I wish you all the very best. 😊

the_lomographer says:

I got an Olympus Stylus Zoom because I'd used one "back in the day". I took 1,000s of shots for work, usually developing 4-6 rolls a day at the same 30 min photo place at LaBrea and Santa Monica for years. The zoom lens let me get shots of items that couldn't easily be gotten to. It finally started scratching negatives and I couldn't figure out how, so I used it as an L & D trade at Hand Prop Room. So when I decided to get back to 35mm, I went with a flawless example of the exact camera that had been so faithful and reliable. (Not because I'm a desperate hipster, because I'm not)

Noah is bringing a freshness and accuracy to this items that is exciting and helpful. Maybe even too hipsters. 🙂

Jack C says:

What would happen if you take some pictures on a point-and-shoot without batteries, would it just over/under expose your shots or just not even take them?

yukin PC says:

was actually looking for a nice point and shoot camera then i saw a Contax T3 but oh man, can't afford it, will stay with my canon ae-1 program for now

Internetanel says:

I feel like your house is a museum ! Another great video!

Sun and D-970 says:

I always like to brag on how little I paid for a rare version of my Olympus Stylus Epic Limited in burgundy body and gold lettering.

JT Gallegos says:

I found your channel after finding a sun 660 af sitting on a washer by the trash (weird I know lol) but your videos are very informative and actually got me interested in using film and getting into photography in general, so thank you and keep up the awesome work!!

eMDee says:

A point and shoot 35mm for hundreds of dollars? Jeez, The most expensive film camera i have is a Pentacon six (Middle format SLR) which I've bought for 60 dollars. The best advice on how to get your hand on cheap gear is to scour European and Japanese auction sites for old cameras.
sites like: Aukro.cz
or just any auction sites from europe or asia

Shadelz says:

I'm not much of a fan of photography compared to video, but your content is so good, and you show such enthusiasm that it's worthwhile.
Keep it up!

theoldcameraguy says:

Great tips! I bought a Canon SureShot 85 a couple months ago under a dollar at a local thrift store. I already had one but this one had a working CR123A battery in it – too good to pass up. I LOVE the viewfinder on that Canon SureShot Owl, too. I always bring a bag of batteries with me to the thrift store, just to check out these point and shoots. Thanks for posting!

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