35mm Film Vs Digital Comparison

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So i know that it is pointless to compare the 2 formats and that there are many factors that will affect the outcome but i just wanted to see the difference between the 2.

Both cameras were shot using 35mm and 40mm equivalent lenses at ISO 800.

The digital images are in camera jpegs and the film is just a straight scan with very little post processing at all.

I shot the digital first then transferred the exposure settings over to the Leica and took the same shot i was quite surprised with the difference in exposure for some of the shots.

I really like both.

Leica M2 – Zeiss Biogon 35mm – Kodak Tmax 400
Fuji Xe2 – Fujinon XF 27mm(almost 35mm)

Filmed using a Gopro hero 5 and a DJI phantom 3 advanced drone.

Music by my self using a Moog prodigy and native instruments Maschine on ableton live 9


Elijah Ford says:

Which is which? they both look the same.

Smiley Jack says:

Disliked. Why in some cases you compare shots side by side and don’t compare them in other? Also to much b-roll.

laika25 says:

Both shot at iso 800? Means you pushed that tmax to 800?

laika25 says:

Tmax400? I thought you said 800.

logiseye says:

Like your music.

Andre Kara says:

Great music

lordoftheflings says:

would have loved to know what film simulation you used and what jpeg tonality and highlight settings

nikss sss says:

bill the music you made is awesome

Richard Smith says:

Interesting comparison. As you say there are many factors that make the difference, but it looks like exposure is significantly different in some shots – but not consistent. Sometimes one looks overexposed in relation to the other and vice-versa, Neither look "bad" but I'm always a sucker for that grainy super contrasty look.

Graham Glover says:

Wow man I’m so glad you subbed to me your channel is amazing. Looking forward to more of your videos! Very interesting man

eric moss says:

I recommend a yellow filter on B&W shots involving the sky or reflections of the sky. Pretty much any Ansel Adams daytime landscape involved a #8 yellow ("minus blue'), orange or red filter to make the clouds pop.

Caffeine High says:

a 4 min video and the first quarter is drone footage intro?

emily knowlton says:

Both look wonderful, but my preference is with the film. I absolutely love how dramatic it makes the picture at times. Great work

Herobox 1248 says:

Digital always looks like you'd expect but film can totally surprise you sometimes.

canturgan says:

Film is just the intermediate stage, the print is the ultimate goal. What paper and chemistry you use is just as important as the film itself. Nice video by the way and I like the John Carpenteresque soundtrack.

fbvcv ftygfdg says:

I couldn't decide between the two. Both looked great to me with only subtle tonal variations visible which could easily be changed in post. You had some really great photos in there too and the overall feel of the video was class.

James R Burns says:

Another great watch, editing was spot on. Love your b roll to shot sequence, I may have to steal that 😬 Found it hard to have a preference to be honest between film and digital. Fuji seemed to hold more sky detail but seemed different in other shots. Excellent idea, excellent vid👍

quesera says:

The video edit on this was tastefully done. Great job always.

eastendthug says:

Crackin video, track is class too.

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