$350 20MP 4K Mirrorless Camera

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I’ve been bashing away the Nintendo Switch a lot recently. But for $350 for console and a game (not many games to choose from) the jury’s still out on whether it’s a good purchase…but what new camera can you get for that kind of price?

YI M1: https://www.adorama.com/RecommendFor/YI95014.html?kbid=913736

Clueless Kit: https://soundcloud.com/cluelesskit
Mo Anando, Chillhop Records: http://chillhoprecords.com/releases/

Boke Buddies’ Channels:
Tim: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2cRwTuSWxxEtrRnT4lrlQA
Lok: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4_m1_0MTTmnWo4tpB0O_7g
PJB: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTimesniper
Warren: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLkzRe0fCFKmOQU-Z4tHSVw

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Kai W says:

YI sent me a message that they're working on some of the problems mentioned in the video, including: "S-AF in low light and low-contrast situation & C-AF speed in both still and video shooting"….let's see if it'll work.

FTH PROD says:

Today you can buy a GX80 for this price !

rynzler117 says:

A review now that these issues have been resolved?

Vladimir Žunić says:

2:22 – ACTUAL – autotune? 😂

MrBridgeHouse says:

No more colour grading in your videos?

Khor Mun Huai says:

That stupid ending is very meaningful…lol

* * says:

Videos and pictures look over processed

finn says:

The first Canon EOS M is also a great starter camera

Random Kid says:

If Jeremy clarkson made camera reviews

Law Gordon says:

dude i had no fucking idea you had you're own channel i thought digital rev was dead…… dude you brung back my love for cameras

Sieghart de Ocampo says:

Enjoy it, it's rubbish LMFAO

Leandro Agrò says:

Hi Kai W! Which camera did you use to shot this video review? 🙂

Ziyad Ousmand says:

Subbed for the third time… YT keeps on booting me off your subs or what 🤔 I keep getting your new uploads though 🤨

News that matter says:

I can buy a Canon for 100 bucks more. Just saying.

Alminas Plunge says:

i still think this is better than my G85 panasonic, which is a huge disappointment

incimo tegra says:

What was this video shot on? It looks fantastic.

IB Channel says:

I had choice to bought this stuff (YI M1) But now I sold this garbage stuff and bought a sony mirrorless camera..

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