3 DAYS with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra! | The Tech Chap

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What’s it like using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra? I switched to the Note 20 Ultra 3 days ago, and I want to share my real world impressions using Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone! Full Review Coming Soon! Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2FahxDT l UK: https://amzn.to/33JQolD (Paid Links)

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The Tech Chap says:

Hey Chaps! Are you tempted to buy the Note 20 Ultra? 🤔

(also apologies I can't share more concrete info like photos and side by side tests – but I'll share everything in my full review) 👍

The Boi says:

Galaxy s10plus iPhone 11 pro

Wojciech E. says:

Clickbait and a waste of time… Nothing new that wasn't known before.
Instead of sharing experiences of real world use for 3 days it is just 13 minutes of blabbing about specs which are public and well known by now. Last time I watch Tech Chap.

Mr K says:

Hey Tom, the link to the clear case from 2:50 would be appreciated 😁


I believe covid has seriously affected our lives and we must ban all products from china in solidarity. Samsung is korean tho

Andre Pol says:

The 865 already beat the Exynos 990 in performance and battery life, the 865 plus is said to be 10% better then 865… gl deal breaker for me and dont even get me started on the price..

be engineering says:

For the love of God, if the camera wouldn't fit flush, why not make the phone just as thick, and add battery? (Thicker phones are easier to hang on to.) I do not care if they charge more, just make it last 16 hours playing a high resolution movie while struggling to get a signal. Round the corners, and get rid of the ridiculous curved side screen. Sooooo disapointed.

shagg says:

It really really irritates me that I can't get the copper unit because I choose 512gb. Why on Earth would they not offer 256gb in America? I would've certainly accepted that to get the copper unit but of course because I want the max storage to compliment my 1tb sdcard I had to go with the black model. Very disappointing.

Wonder Bozzz says:

I heard they will now be I requiring phones masks for these models because they are so big…🤓

MrFallen1ne says:

Just makes me like my s20 ultra even more.

Donovan Jang says:

In-depth camera comparison with the S20 Ultra would be super helpful!

MrFallen1ne says:

S20 ultra is 4x optical not 3x whereas note 20 ultra is 5x.

Isaque Sperandio says:

Gostaria muito de um comparativo de cameras do Note 20 ultra com o Note 10+, pois, tenho o 10+ e já ouvi muitos falarem que ele tem a melhor camera ultrawide, a camera principal dele está com um dos melhores HDR entre todos celulares após as ultimas atualizações, então creio que será uma boa disputa.


ThaT ugly camera bump

abdurrahman adamu biu says:

Is a camera comparison video too much to ask??

slime baby12 says:

I have the same dog door stop😄

Ahmed IV says:

Compare camera with p40 pro

m29ele says:

Compare the camera against the Xperia 1ii not just picture quality but camera features and ease of use

Uzochukwu Mike Okwuagbala says:

Thanks for this video. I have questions:

(1) How do I take screenshot with this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Ultra?

(2) How do I change the camera settings?

(3) What are the default apps that come with the galaxy notes?

Mark Adrian Sammut says:

Hi, will you compare the cameras Note 20 Ultra to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, which is currently topping the DXOMark chart?

Ahmed Da Silva says:

Note 10 with big camera hole 😂

Ahmed Da Silva says:

I hate big phone like note 20 ultra
I have iphone 5s

Demetrius says:

Hi. Which app did you get the Spiderman wallpaper for note 20?

YOGI - Practitioner of Yoga says:

Compare note 20 ultra Exynos vs snapdragons +

Ben Phillips says:

I'm still rocking my Note9. I know a few people who didn't like the 10 for various reasons and have been waiting for this. I'd love to see a comparison of there's a demand for it.

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