24MP DSLR vs 64MP Smartphone Camera Comparison – More Megapixels Useless?

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24MP DSLR vs 64MP Smartphone Camera Comparison – Realme X2 Pro vs Sony A7III – Does high megapixel count matter?

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Realme X2 Pro GCam vs Stock – https://youtu.be/OJf9SeQnh5c
Realme X2 Pro Unboxing – https://youtu.be/7zFF934zios
Realme X2 Pro vs Redmi K20 Pro Speed Test – https://youtu.be/cToM2NGmH6I

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Realme X2 Pro sports a 64 Megapixel Primary Camera, an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle camera, a 13MP Telephoto Camera for 2X optical zoom, and a 2MP depth sensor.

Sony A7iii has a 24MP Full Frame sensor. The 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens has been used in this video.

Realme X2 Pro has a single 16MP selfie camera.

Realme X2 Pro starts at Rs.30,000 and the Sony A7iii starts at Rs.1,50,000
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Regina di Spade says:

As you mentioned, for your average Joe, a phone camera is just fine. Now a days pictures from your phone are good based on 2 parts, the hardware and the software. If you have a good software to process the images from your sensors and lenses, then you are all good. If you are not a professional, remember what was to take pictures from your phone 8 years ago

Tamil Christian Pianist says:

Sir, எனக்கு ஒரு சந்தேகம்.
ரியல்மி 3pro la vooc charger irukku. Naan antha phone a original cable + Qualcomm adapter (not the original vooc adapter) வச்சி சார்ஜ் பண்ணினா fast charge aaguma

A A says:

please get rid of that building…

Pritam kumar Roy says:

This is more interesting

Jackson P says:

Bro sensor size and HW makes the difference where no phone can match, that all knows. What's the point of comparison then??? For sake of the video? We have seen lot like this in the past, fed up really. You should avoid these, come up with ur awesome content again. Only my opinion

Chaithanya Kosuru says:

Perfectly wrong comparison. First comes image processing the bokeh effect in phones is still not natural and because of inbuilt filters of phones you cannot capture reality in most of night or dark cases

Donrngiew Sohlang says:

Test only with iphone 11 or pixel phones 12 megapixel also this 64 megapixel phones will lose

Syed Rashid Ali says:

Bro Compare Pixel 3a Vs Redmi Note 8 Pro Vs Realme X2 Pro

EscapeSquad says:

a7iii's kit lens is really crap!if the comparison was with the a7iii using a 24mm f1.4 lens the differences would be huge!

Sarvesh Raut says:

But we can't call from a dslr, lol needs to do something 🤔

Mini tomate says:

The oversharpening of the mobile photography is one of the problems in this mobile segment. I will still prefer balanced sharpness with a more smooth edges rather than one sensor that have this unnecessary feature, and combining this with a higher megapixel counter this makes it even dumber and a gimmick just for selling more devices.

Kenny G says:

Respected Sir, what is your opinion regarding the Nokia 9 Pureview?? Is it a worthy buy??

Aditya Bose says:

Hey man. Trying do a gcam review for the vivo u20. I hardly see and videos on it.

etikala ramu says:

u should have compared with google pixel 4

Lugman .S says:

Do you prepare a script for your videos bro, really crip and nice content bro keep creating

Elango Van says:

Megapixel Doesn't matter image processing is key like iphone Pixel

Arvinth Arvinthan says:

We need these kind of diff videos from you. Impressed

Rakee kumar says:

Pls Don't irritate subscribers by saying about skins for mobiles every time

sahil gyanchandani says:

Do it with dslr, many are aware of what a dslr is , especially today's youth.

Him Upadhyay says:

Sony said they'll bring mobile photo quality to DSLR quality let's hope! Bcoz that would be awesome carrying DSLR in your pocket.

Addi Solo says:

Did you use g cam for the x2 Pro?
It would be awesome to see the results with gcam if you didn't already apply 😄😄

Mohit Aryan says:

Please make a video on gcam on realme xt

Abhimanue J says:

Yes the megapixel also matters …

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