20MP Digital Camera + Prints? The Polaroid Pop – Review!

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It’s like the good old days, except way better: The Polaroid Pop offers a 20MP camera that lets you take photos, create animated GIFs and record HD movies at 1080p, all with a big 4″ touch screen. Like what you’ve captured? You can print it! Utilizing ZINK technology, the Polaroid Pop let’s you create 3.5 x 4.25 photographic prints on the spot. No power cord needed. No Internet needed.

Not enough? You can use it as a handy portable color printer from your computer or smartphone too.

But there are some problems and issues too, as tech expert Dave Taylor from https://www.AskDaveTaylor.com/ found out after a few weeks of experimentation and testing.

Check it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2DGW6qv

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Brian Klaus says:

Honestly I think these things are a complete gimmick. If you want a digital camera that you can print photos out with just use your smartphone and get a pocket photo printer, most smart phone cameras produce a higher quality picture than any stand alone camera in this price range. If you actually care about polaroid or photography you'd buy a real Polaroid and real polaroid film which you can pick up at stores like target and bestbuy as well as online. I picked up a Polaroid one 600 that was still in the package from a kmart that was closing last year and I absolutely love the thing as well as my Fuji instax cameras.

None of Urbiz says:

Wow now I’m more interested in this camera again! I’ve researched so many instant cameras and I keep coming back to this one at the top of the list because of all the cool features…the video..like you said looked great…saving images/video to SD card…and also the print and SIZE quality and touchscreen. It seems like the BEST of both worlds…analog and digital. I did not buy it yet because of the horrible reviews on Amazon! AND I can’t figure out if there’s TWO models? Amazon has two different pages for this camera and two different prices! About $130 for POP or for POP 2.0 $200? Do you know anything about that? Is there a way to update firmware too? I’m really confused still! But your video makes me much more interested again in it! Also so many people say in a few days the screen is a mess scratched to heck? Thank you in advance if you can shed an light on this!

pierre pouget says:

just a normal printer like everybody has at home,just printing with a "polaroid" frame around the photo; i can do that at home,same result; do polaroid company think the snapchat generation is so stupid cupid? well,probably they are; i'll stick with my SX70 and/or fuji sq10.

Farukh Hassan says:

Dave which watch are you wearing?

gerrard mcmaster says:

Hi Dave, great review. I agree, I also think all of the bad reviews were due to people not taking the time to properly set up the device and try different settings et. I bought a Polaroid Pop online second hand for only $50.00 and it works like a charm… Also, the firmware was updated as was the app. My iPhone app works perfectly with the device. Thanks again for great videos.

. says:

The last video that I watched was a headphone review that was uploded 2years ago and you look very different

Nick Pappas says:

Another great video Dave. Question…is that really the lime green color? I thought it was black for entirety of the video.

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