$200 Redmi Note 9S vs $1000 Galaxy S20! (Camera Test Comparison)

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How good is the Xiaomi #RedmiNote9S camera, a $200 smartphone? I was VERY impressed when comparing to my $1,000+ Samsung #GalaxyS20! Watch my detailed camera test comparing daytime/low-light photos, 4K video, quad-camera setup, macro mode, and more!

Redmi Note 9S: https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009469932321.html?lkid=79027111
(4GB/64GB coupon: GBREDMIN9S123)
(6GB/128GB coupon: GBNOTE9S456)
My preferred S20 case: https://amzn.to/2XTi7gF

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

What do you guys think of that price-tag to performance ratio? Impressed like me (how it compared to my S20) or meh not a good deal?

Влад Филиппов says:

this is the most detailed review about telephone cameras

Sokleab Seven says:

Overrated phone

Enigmatic Spirit says:

i have both and at the end of the day i sold the galaxy and kept the redmi. S20 is nice but really not worth 1000 bucks. The redmi 9s is worth the price the s20 is not.

PHAM BC says:

The vibration resistance of the Samsung s20 phone is amazing

Poti Sonko says:

At this price point there is nothing to complain about
Good phone for the Average user

Jadin Andrews says:

How would a super budget like the redmi 9s compare to a flagship from a few generations ago? I am still rocking an S8, but the camera feels a bit dated. Apart from the extra lenses, would you say the Redmi has a better camera system than an S8?

Mehedi Hasan says:

make a video with redmi note 9s gcam vs galaxy s20

TrukenX says:

Got to say getting the redmi right now but I think its obvious to pay the extra 30 dollars for 2 more gigs of ram and more 64 gigs of storage I'm pretty sure that I'll be paying the same as if I got the extra 64 gigs at the store

Ilija Gajic says:

If you want better night mode download google camera but only use it in night

Hazim Hamdan says:

Why my device redmi nt9s (global ver.) only showing 4G connection?
Before this, when i use Samsung mobile with same number, i got 4G+ connection. Can please help me fix this?

Naya Li عناية says:

No. All xiaomi’s phone don’t have stabilizer on the front camera, even their flagships and camera flagship like mi 10 & mi note 10.

NOUR DROID نور درويد says:

Google camera, if you do it, the result will be very close

Kenneth Torres says:

Chinese brand vs Korean brand.

Walter Lutsyk says:

If you add 50 bucks and purchase Note 9 pro with a more advanced Sony 64mp snapper the difference between the phones would be even smaller.

Samet Demir says:

I'm afraiding to compare with my s10 plus..

AwArA ZiDi says:

Anyone tell me
Oppo f 11 camera best or redme note 9 s

Andrew barrios says:

You should try the mi 10 youth, it will be an interesting optical zoom comparison

Shua Sensei says:

screen bleeding?

Serbischer Stolz says:

Price 5:1, but the phones are 2:1

Ali Yousaf says:

Well if you sacrifice your hair for a review, I'm going for that phone!

ZabAsh HD says:

$800 more for Camera and Audio Quality

MobileDecay says:

Samsung should feel embarrassed.

Miraç S. says:

1.000$ is really unnecessary price for a phone! Long live budget mid-range phones! 🙂 But I do not prefer big phone, my maximum limit is 6.2 or 6.4 inch for frameless screen.

Wabajak13 says:

this guy has no lips

Serge L. says:

Previous version Xiaomi, I mean Redmi Note 8T even better as a smartphone and a camera (with unofficial Gcam app from forums). It's smaller, has NFC and same four cameras as 9S. Happy to own and use it.

arjohn vida says:

I guess redmi uses 48mp samsung sensor, right?

Alvin Tapia says:

How about xiaomi mi9t pro

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