#1752 – Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 Digital Camera Video Review

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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 Digital Camera is weather resistant, comes with an excellent F2.8 25-600mm Leica lens, shoots amazing 4K video and outstanding stills and even has remote control WiFi functionality. It’s extremely versatile and loaded with features. This is one very impressive point-and-shoot digital camera!

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Ashley Stubbings says:


jomie orbino says:

Ehhhhhh….I got mine for $206..at a pawnshop

Ian Thomas says:

this is a great little camera i have this one and the FZ2000 and i have took some great photo's with the FZ330 all this does it match a DSLR and is it as good as this camera or that camera drives me mad!!! No camera is perfect even the one's you pay mega bucks for its how you use them in good light this camera produces great images good enough for A3 photo's and the video quality is superb and it save's you taking extra lenses with you, I have shot with Nikon camera's and there great too but i can't see that the pictures are any better but i don't pixel peep and have printed alot over the years and iam happy with the Lumix cameras, This of course is just my opinion.

K Gopinathan says:

Is there any chance of pause fecility while shooting vedio?

Robert Smith says:

This camera is now $397.99. Is it worth it now? You bet it is.

Maxence Marrot says:

Combien de temps peut t'on filmer sans coupure ? car sur les appareils photo le temps et limitรฉ 10 min par 10 min .

Ashley Stubbings says:

This IS NOT a "Point and Shoot" camera! It's a Bridge Camera! It 'Bridges' the gap between a Point and Shoot and a DSLR. I do wish people would get it right BEFORE they make a video!


Amazon.com panasonic FZ100


Hi, is this still a good shopping? I want to take photo some bird and birds eye with macro


Is the Sensor full frame? What size? What pixel density it captures the most?

suhel kassim says:

Helpful video๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

Max says:

Iโ€™m a photographer and NO, I will never use this tiny non-BSI sensor camera as my B camera, I use my Canon T2i

Analizabeth Doan says:

Thank you, this was very helpful.

Corena Garoutte says:

The mo (?) dial on top. Can you do a video on explaining it better please in more detail?

Corena Garoutte says:

Only prob I see with it so far Is the internal mic and location of battery and having to change while it's on tripod. I have had to buy an external mic, but still not impressed. I also bought a ac/dc inverter which is very handy ( when you are were you can use that option).

Johnny Norwood says:

it's a 4k camera

ื”ืจื‘ ื—ื™ื™ื ืืœื•ืฉ - ื”ืขืจื•ืฅ ื”ืจืฉืžื™ says:

Good camera sir , I have Panasonic v770 , is this better for youtube(z300) ? I need to shot a long video , about 80 minutes

CCHubbard says:

I would say this is a "100% kickass" review. Just now finding this excellent summary and review of the FZ300 features and performance. Based on yours and other reviews, I ordered one. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

Roby Samania says:

one of the best review on you tube for this camera ..

Mike Wilson says:

Excellent review – thanks – Background music doesn't spoil the clear and concise speech . . .

Bill K says:

I like the quiet music in the background. Great video as well

Glomo says:

No 4k you goofy as hell

Magician 6 Theater says:

what you choose for landscape photo if you have fujifilm XA3 or lumix gf9? because i want to buy on of them but i am still confusing

Twice Aviation says:

what is the app called?

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