$10,000 Camera VS $100 Camera, Comparison Underwater. How much do you need to spend?

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We took 4 different cameras ranging from $100 to $10,000 for a dive to test out which was best and how much a person really has to spend to get the footage or photos that they want.

I did the camera comparison with my partner at Freediving Central Daniel Parsons. We took a Sony A7s mark 2, an Olympus EM5 mark 2, a Go Pro Hero 8 and an Apeman Action Camera. We were lucky to get good vis for the dive as well!

If you’re keen to learn to freedive in Australia get in touch with www.freedivingcentral.com we are now running freediving courses all over Australia!

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Joseph McDonagh says:

No, you need to spend $20,000. Time to part with some pennies.

A D V E N T U R E A L W A Y S says:

The GoPros are so good for the money… If you set them for 2.7 or higher you are good to go!

Rj Rj says:

To really get good footage especially if you are willing to shelle out 10k you need a lens that was designed to take underwater footage such as the nikonos lenses. Especially the 15mm is excellent!

Daniel Mann says:

Cool comparison, I think with a custom white balance on the song at 20m it would blow any action camera out of the water, excuse the pun! That $10K rig is nice but if you leave it on auto like the GoPro it doesn’t make much difference. Horses for courses like you say.

abc says:

just like all cameras the difference between a good and bad is the contrast.

If you use a cellphone or similar "small sensor" gadget details will be washedout while a big sensor will capture it and show more depth. when taking landscape photos you may not really need the details as much as when you focus on a close object.

When it comes to video its the same thing but u also need to consider the compression. you will clearly see a difference between big and small censor camera but the question will always be if its good enough for what you are doing. like uploading to youtube will compress your video alot and depending what you are doing the extra details may not be necessary.

which is the reason professionals use full frame cameras (the bigger sensor the better)

einzeltier says:

I ordered the Apeman A100 last year for 100 €.

Sent it back, it's crap.
In perfect lightning conditions it kind of works, but as soon as it gets darker and especially with changing conditions, it produces garbage.

Especially the photos in low light surroundings are just black, where a standard mobile phone still takes perfectly good pictures.

Software is also not bug-free: transmissions via USB keep breaking up, menu is not practical.

Its enough to take snapshots for snorkelers, but for that you might as well get a 30 € model.

Michenesi says:

Wow the gopro hero 8 is almost the best choice! It does a hell of a job!
I have a hero 3 plus and it also does a great job… but the 8 is awesome!

Fierce Firefly says:

plz go back to the photo place with dec chair and news paper for photo 😀 (under water)

Daan Verhoeven says:

great stuff Adam – remarkable both how much better bigger sensors are, and what the gopro can do with that smaller sensor!

John carlo tomas says:

Hi Adam! is this lightroom? TIA

Moore Smith says:

Hello from 🇿🇦… Which software did u use after Lightroom

SL says:

I always get so jealous of the clarity in the water in other countries.. Ireland’s is super murky haha

Djasper says:

A a7 ii with housing is not 10.000 $ even with a very expensive lens.

Mark Saka says:

free diving classes in melbounre?

Ja Mazzo says:

Such a useful video!!! Thanks!

GearTest says:

Sorry adam, great video idea , but we can't see actually the difference, putting 4 windows in only a fhd mainframe is too much, we can't appreciate detail difference.. i suggest you to put one by one the videos in 4k , in a 4k youtube video… also those cameras like oly and sony give their best in 4k mode, the fhd is not optimized..thank you ,bye

Denis Panoo says:

Can somebody tell me what song is used here :)?

Tzavier Dean-raschilla says:

should use a red filter with the gopro brings out the washed out blues and greens with a more accurate colour and better with white balance 🙂

Michal Pawlak says:

Why isn't this video in 4k?

Epic ARK says:

Could you imagine to capture and upload vidoes in 2K or even 4K ?

No Viz Spearfishing says:

Awesome video! Loved the mini Lightroom tutorial too. When I watched it vid was at 270 views, 27 likes and 27 minutes ago hahaha

Joel Baker says:

Nice vid mate! Very impressed with the GoPro footage, especially after a little colour grading.

SLY HD says:

Hello Adam,
GoPro fun here 😉

I just ordered the Aqualung Sphera mask, can't wait to try it.
Greetings from Romania 👍

Kookvision says:

you can get cheaper setup's with the sony x6300 / x6400, canon m6, lumix gx85, or canon crop dslr's. which would be a massive step up on go pro for similar or even less money

Dominic Barbas says:

Truthfully if i had 800 cash i would buy new dive suit. An new equipment.

MICA says:

GO PRO! haha

Daniel Stucci says:

hey Adam,
i was just wondering what editing software you used for these photos

stewart gifford says:

you are such a legend

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