$1000 High Speed Camera Vs. $180 000 High Speed Camera

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In this video we test 3 different priced high speed cameras, 1000$ Sony rx-100 , 3000$ Chronos 1.4 and 180 000$ Phantom v2512 to see are they all worth of their price.

Chronos cameras http://www.krontech.ca/
Phantom cameras http://www.phantomhighspeed.com


Beyond the press says:

The comparison footage was filmed on really busy filming day where we did something like 6 HPC videos so we didn't use lot of time on the settings for the Chronos and Phantom. To get best possible result on those cameras you need to use bit more time than with the Sony. But this shows what all cameras do in same amount of time.

Also I have to mention that I don't know exact price for the Phantom and it probably varies a lot acording the memory and other options but our camera was with top specs so it's probably somewhere around there, at least with the lens since all other prices also include lens. The price for mark 4 rx-100 probably also varies a lot but I think you can get one with 1000$

Also since the test footage is pretty old there is now newer software for Chronos that improves lot of things so the picture would be probably better now with Chronos.

kick starter says:

euro or dollar

Mystic Dan says:

Finns are the greatest of all humans.

electroumit says:

Thank you. Good work.

NepthysX says:

That camera costs more then my mf house

SassePhoto says:

That's an excellent review! I have the Chronos 1.4 and completely agree with your analysis. Many events in nature can be covered up to 8,000 fps, so it is a great camera

Andy Walliant says:


MrBazsi888 says:

what do you recommend today ? MAX 2000-5000€

Im The southpaw says:

I find your lack of PERKELE disturbing.

Khawar Paracha says:

Excellent really helpful. We want to buy high speed camera for inspecting our high speed machines installed on production floor. What is your recommendation. And what should we look into before buying these cameras for us

rootbrian says:

My JVC Everio can do 300 fps at 480×320 (shamefully software-scaled to 720×480, i'll figure out a way to get it at the proper resolution) without sound (yuck!). That requires a second audio recorder and syncing it based on speed/timing alone. Worth the $60 used. 128GB memory card inside it. Older canon cannot do high-speed recording.

Simon McCauley says:

I'm impatient. I always watch these slomo videos at 2x speed.

Soothing Harmony says:

I need 180K urgent!

Demolition Dave Drilling and Blasting says:

Thanks for that info

SuperBurninguitar says:

These are the sort of videos that i wish were only about 1 minute and featured only side by side footage. Youtube videos are too bloated to try get that add revenue these.

Rücklicht says:

If a camera films only 8 seconds, how does it know when to start filming?!

Phonotical says:

Total waste of time

Wretched Slippage says:

I wonder what FPS youd have to reach to see the speed of light. Challenge for ya, Lauri. If anyone can do it you can.

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