$1,000 Camera VS $8,000 Camera!!

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Canon 1DXMK2 : http://amzn.to/2nOdz5B

Today we’re looking at comparing a $1,000.00 camera VS an $8,000.00 camera. Specifically, the 80D vs the 1DXMK2. I have seen the 80D on sale as low as 999.99 which is why I went with that comparison price. Keep currency conversions in mind.

2 MASSIVELY different cameras. You may be saying, why would you compare 2 cameras on such a drastically different scale? That makes no sense and no one would ever compare those two – Yes and No. I wanted to go over a few of the features that MAKE a camera 8,000.00 opposed to those that don’t. The quality difference is also incredibly evident.

Check out the video and let me know what you guys think, or what camera you are using in the comments below! Thanks for watching!

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Peter McKinnon says:

If you had to choose….8,000.00 Camera OR.. 1 Week anywhere you wanted to go in the world.. GO!

Daniel Cross says:

Why are DSLR users so infatuated with video? It's a DSLR which is mainly aimed at stills. If you want video, get a video camera! You spend too much wasted time on this video talking about something these cameras were not mainly designed for. I dont see too many videogaphers out there with DSLR's. You need to spend more time on the actual DSLR's main intended function. Stills! Stills! Stills! it is an excellent video by the way. Very professionally done. I would like you to do a video on the Canon Pro EOS C100 Cinema camera if you have one. These things are a steal at $1999 at B&H but they only do 1080!

rahul sonvane says:

If your goal is video, go for canon 200d , half the price of 80d and does the same job as of 80d for videos.

lil flame says:

do 8000$ camera vs red epic 4k gemini

Follow Up says:

how we gonna see the difference if this video only shows 1080p

Jer Lewis says:

I use a Nikon D3s and a D2h, purely for the crop factor on 500mm lenses. I also had a D5100 that I gave to a friend. The thing about pro level cameras is they are extremely rugged. They are sealed, For weather because you might not have a hood that day. They have much higher quality sensors and other features like shooting 11 frames per second. So, will owning one of them make you a better photographer? Not at all. There’s an old saying, “It’s the dancer, not the shoes.” So, if you want one of these, because they are great, then my advice is to look at the used market. There are camera stores, Adorama, B&H, KEH that are very reputable and stand behind their gear. A lot of people worry about shutter count, my D3s had 234,000+ shutter clicks when I bought it. The shutter is rated for 500,000 clicks. By next year I’ll probab

Vann Apragal says:

Unless someone is shooting with 1dx mk 2, the body you are shooting with shouldn't matter at web level (not print level). It all depends on the lens. If you put 50 1.2 L on any camera body at that level, the image will hands-down be better than a 50 1.4.

TheTimeTraveler2025 says:

$10,000 on camera equipment… can’t afford a razor….

AMINE / ZAKI says:

I found it for 200$ any buyer

Alexander Goodwin says:

My GoPro does 4K 60

Dygo- Music and Entertaining says:

can you get a good B roll from a DLSR Camera???

Ashley says:

What is the song at the end. I want it!

D3pth of fi3ld 3nt3rtainm3nt says:

What about canon 200d👈👈👈

Ruslan Poltoratskyi says:

5:59 😱😱😱

Dipankar Landage says:

Which camera is better 80d or T7i

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