$1000 Camera VS $40,000 Camera | Explained

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Today we test a$1000 Canon m5 mirrorless dslr Camera vs a $40,000 Red Epic X Cinema Camera!!!! Why does one cost so much?!
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Canon M5 – http://amzn.to/2xPpGci
Red Epic – http://ebay.to/2ywop9n

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Shot on a Canon 1Dx Mark ii
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Hailek says:

ah, seems I've found myself in the rich people side of youtube

Oliver von Sydow says:

My dream camera is the death star but instead of a laser it’s a camera, and I would take pictures of galaxies far far away

El Chupacabra says:

Those b rolls of the skinny fat ugly guy boxing shirtless is so disgusting – one of the few moments I wished I wasn't watching in 4k

bill mcfadden says:

the best video or still is the one that you can bring with you. different tools are needed for different venues

carlos gabriel damian says:

Hasselblad h6d400 vs red

Codak Chris says:

27 … huh …

Michael Superbacker says:

7:18 you never told us which is which!?!?

Tybias Butler says:

That camera nor gear is 40,000. In all you will proble be out of 7 to 10,000

directedbydavid says:

why dont you just shoot it the way you want it to look?

Carlos EDC says:

Never stop creating is a great quote man

Matthew Gromov says:

Arri alexa is best

Martin Solhaugen says:

Great review!

No-Conspiracy No-Jobs says:

I love the JVC

Hanzla Amjad says:

LOL my s9+ is alot better in videos 😂

Teddy Doggett says:

Dream cam is a 1dx mark 2

callumparkourlife Wyper says:

My dream camera is the a7rIII

Gerry Cabanban says:

ASP C…???

SYlhEti SWAGS says:

Good channel
Liked subscribed

ArmedGamer2k1 says:

Right, so the m5 isn't a DSLR, it's a compact mirrorless camera and 2k isn't 1080p, it's 1440p, just needed to say lol, great video tho

Daniel Jacobi says:

What camera are you using to record this video? I’m curious because the quality is real nice and I’ve been wanting to star vlogging. Thanks!

Parsian Productions says:

I can't believe someone would compare these two cameras, and I can't believe I watched it all the way through. Man just shoot videos on your phone obviously that's all you need.

Offsure says:

Good video. You explained and layed it all out real nice.

Prashant Varma says:


Edmund Janas says:

The left is the Red.

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