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Tapasya Tyaga says:

Calm down…..you might get a stroke….then whose going to do great camera videos.

respectanimals2 says:

Want on , brilliant ⛏💪🏻👍

Robert Thompson says:

How can we take seriously a man who names himself after his hair, can't drive a stick shift car, and argues with hotel staff about Nutella in a lava cake?

JRL says:

you have a nice view in the background ken. cool your head man haha. thanks every day.

Stefan1968ful says:

Interesting is that Sony seems to learn from others. The new firmware 5.0 for Sony A9 boost up the functionality and the performance of the Sony A9 substantially. I am everything than a Sony fan but this is actually what they seem to copy rather then publishing a Sony A9 Mark II.

Fixxxer says:

Who cares about Olympus? It's an irrelevant brand.

John Herzel says:

Love the Sunny south Florida line! Hope you said hi to Darren!

thinkinginpictures says:

I've been buying up D and G series lenses for my D700. I may…just may…try out the Z6, but not until the price drops. As AP said, it's a first gen product. The 35 and 50mm are really impressive though despite their ho hum exterior designs. If they move over the Voigtlander series (65, 110 and would be awesome if native 35mm 1.7) that would be a very attractive proposition.

Also, as far as the build quality, the Z7 has been torn down by lensrentals. Doesn't look like Nikon cut corners at all. Very nice design. I still enjoy picking up the D500/D850 more though.

Tete Recinos says:

"compared to what!?" is absolutely right. It's also why last weekend I shot my last wedding with the x-pro2.

NickHey says:

I do want to go Nikon, mirrorless for the silent shooting job I have coming up. the z6 looks good for video but it's just a pain in the ass it's a first gen product 🙁

Sara & William Hall says:

Meh. I previously shot with a D700 along with many other professionals for years on that one CF card and never had a problem. I shot with all the D800 series cameras all the way up to the D850 and never had a card issue. Now I own 3 Z6's which I use heavily & professionally, i'm out of the DSLR world. I love the shit out of them and they make me a ton of money. They're certainly not perfect but no piece of gear is, its all about what allows you to produce excellent images for clients. Cant wait for eye af on the next firmware update. One things for sure, DSLRs will pale in comparison to mirrorless cameras very soon. Wouldn't want to go back to an OVF or clustered focus points now that i'm on mirrorless thats for damn sure.

Richard Grudzien says:

I just can't stop laughing, Ken. The heat has added to your entertaining and 'salty' rant, and made it even more enjoyable.

GRJCLyon says:

The D850 wasn’t sold out. Nikon wasn’t building them. They transferred their focus to a Mirrorless so they didn’t get left behind and wanted sales. Once the Z6 and 7 were released they went back to making the 850’s. They’re $200 less because everybody bought up the Z6 instead……..I agree on the Z7 not being worth the extra money. I can’t count how many used z7’s are on the market in order to get the 6 and save money………I love my D750 despite the recalls (I honestly don’t care about that. It’s a week without the camera and you get it back brand new) over the Z6. For the same reasons I won’t buy one which are the card slots, crappy af-c and the camera does not shoot well with HSS. Even though it’s not for me, isn’t a good camera one that gives amazing image quality, good organomics and built well? According to this logic the Sony a7iii is far superior.

The Dude says:

I've never liked fro by the way, and as soon as you said someone had done such a stupid thing at an event, he was the one I thought about even though I haven't seen any of his videos in years.

jdalefan says:

Hey Kenny! I am going against your advice, and want your advice in doing so. I am saving up for the D750, for its lowlight and likeness to my D7100.

Do you know if the AA filter is different than the D700's? Is it worth having it removed? ALSO, I like the Z6, but like my AF-D lenses better (you got me hooked on those little angels).

The Dude says:

I need a camera for photogrammetry (3D scanning), which means I need a camera with the least sensor noise. What would you recommend?

Photo-Me-Ike says:

Awe man. I though you were going to crap on T & C’s review of the EOS-R. Instead you gloat on and on about how much you love the Z cameras. Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

Tony Cao says:

If i could give 10000 thumbs up i could, trust me!

Botch says:

I wouldn't excuse the faults of the Z7 because its a "first-generation" product; Nikon KNOWS that two card slots should've been included, along with attachment points for a vertical grip. Having poor autofocus mode switching "may" have to do with the larger sensor, but I doubt it (and that's the only one of these three things that possibly could be fixed with a s/w update.

Tony Cao says:

Bottom line, nikon rushed the z series to compete with sony, and it was a massive failure, d850 is light years better

Peter Ferry says:

After touching Olympus Fro got kicked out and had his curly butt's hair on fire…

Joe Marano says:

How do you feel about a Lumix G9 for my nature and wildlife photogralhy and also for pro work such as outdoor maternity photography, weddings etc etc?

John Boese says:

I'm planning on upgrading to the d7500. I currently have a entry level d3400. I wanna photograph birds in flight. I don't need the extra SD slot. I can't afford the d500. some reviews are saying the d7200 is just as good as the d7500 which one should I buy?

Robert Walterman says:

I have tried to learn from other channels and yet to find another I could learn from , I. Tried ken you are the wizard of photography on utube and as you say too often no one paying me to say this I only want to learn I have no connection to anyone I watch other channels to learn about art and metals , none photo channels. Ken you never have to defend your great knowledge you know your stuff it’s clear anyone that questions this is an idiot

Alistair Beckett says:

I had a Fuji X100 and the focus got much better after firmware update. DJI Osmo Pocket has also improved so much with firmware, not that long after launch.

Devin Breshears says:

Can you revisit the X-H1 now that it’s had a massive price drop and firmware updates. Thanks.

Brad Armstrong says:

So, let’s see here, Nikon is obviously lying then about the firmware updates they have coming for z6 and z7? And If you don’t mind that there is one slot and vertical grip doesn’t interest you, you can’t be a professional ? Ok then.

NicaHarlista says:

"And this segment was brought to you by FUJIFILM X-T3 and the angry photographer .LOL

beau pfeiffer recordings says:

so many Z7 reviews are getting around I feel your drift ken

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