Tokina 11-16 Lens Review — The Fastest And Sharpest Ultra Wide Angle Move lens

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The Tokina 11-16 zoom lens hit the particular market with rage mainly because of its cheap accessibility together with unsurpassed functionality. In this short posting, we will be searching at how this do when compared to the particular cannon and Nikon competitors.

Possessing a keen eye designed for the ideal lens within the market I individually dropped in love along with this piece of move lens. This is the bit unusual for myself personally because I generally are a bit suspicious with 3rd party zoom lens manufacturers.

My intensive analysis leads me to trust that will Tokina 11-16 is certainly the best on the particular rack provided the type of price tag that will is mounted on it. This can easily end up being in comparison to the equivalent Nikon or even Canon substitute such as the Nikon 10-24mm, Nikon 10-24mm since well as the Cannon 10-22mm lens.

the specific fastest ultra wide place lens manufactured for the particular first time simply simply by Tokina is the emphasize of the product.

At first this zoom lens was not my first selection because I am of the particular see that third celebration lens are not able to beat initial manufacturer lens. yet later on, I got to understand exactly how flawed my considering has been as Tokina 11-16mm turned out to become the best amongst the particular rest having unique functions.

Some wide specifications consists of the 104 – 82ý Angle associated with See; minimum focusing range associated with 11. 8in. (0. 3m); filter thread associated along with 77mm, and weighs concerning 560g; it is obtainable for cannon, Nikon, plus Sony attach.

I individually love the AF functionality that allows the zoom lens to concentrate automatically on the particular subject. Furthermore the specific the f/2. 8 aperture is a rare plus a good undoubtedly amazing feature to get within a ultra wide placement lens.

For people such as me who else love taking dim gentle interior pictures indoors this particular zoom lens has made it really convenient to shoot within without compromising on higher quality. Not to neglect the lens functions completely well both inside plus outdoors alike.

Tokina 11-16mm totally worked for me personally personally despite its focus variety limitation factor associated with 1. 45x. You furthermore have to understand that will to ensure that Tokina to make the zoom lens support the wide aperture, they have to location some limitations on the particular focus range.
Every zoom lens offers its negatives yet this unique lens offers outweighing advantages that just can’t be refused.

Consequently I can confidently recommend this lens to everyone but a word connected with caution is that will you shouldn’t utilize this with a full framework digital slr camera because the lens is produced to be used along with cropped messfühler DSLR.



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