Sony Ericsson Mk16a Xperia Pro Android Mobile phone Testimonial

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Among the many leading mobile phones available on the market today, the Sony Ericsson MK16A is like any one of the other Android-powered phones on the market, using its 3.7-inch screen for lots of functions. Nonetheless, the MK16A has a shock built-in, a full QWERTY-style keyboard that elopes from all-time low so you can swiftly send a message or text and then break it back with each other so you could take advantage of its high-contrast color display.

That is the beauty of this phone. Unlike a Blackberry, where the display and key-board stay on the very same tool, this is a two-piece smartphone that provides you the best of both worlds. You can capitalize on among the many thousands of applications that have actually been made to function under Android 2.3, making use of the complete screen, and still make use of a mini-sized small key-board to handle your texting and email requirements.

A shocking feature is its size, the MK16A is driven by a 1 GHz microprocessor but is simply 2.2 inches by 0.5 inches by 4.7 inches, considering an excellent 3.2 ounces. The MK16A is a light-weight, yet it packs a punch such as an 8.1 MP automated cam, as well as a front-facing lens for videoconferencing or chats. Interestingly, the high-resolution electronic camera features an autoflash ability and shoots at 720 p to ensure that you can share any video clip you shoot through a user interface wire with your high-resolution TELEVISION screen. Additionally, the M16A, though a lightweight, is still driven by a Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and around 32 GIGABYTE of memory so it can handle any sort of job you ask of it. As an example, the M16A immediately recognizes you have gotten a mail message or text and notifies you so you can quickly address it on the built-in QWERTY-style key-board.

Internal memory available to you is 1 GIGABYTES, while a microSD card takes care of the memory growth. Additionally, because this is Sony Bravia-compatible, the phone instantly integrates with any other Bravia tool and you can view the high-definition video clip messaging or screens with the synced gadget. An effective system, it immediately acknowledges SMS texting, as MMS video clip messaging and split second messaging. Not simply is there the built-in key-board, which is terrific for higher-speed mails and so on, but the keypad itself is capacitive so that, if you are in a rush, you could quickly send out a message without snapping open the phone.

A crucial to this phone is its access to social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter and its capacity to present what you view there. Additionally, the MK16A is a completely independent wireless networking device efficient in not only utilizing requirements 802.11 a/b/g / n, however also of serving as a high-speed hotspot. And, it will certainly interface with other high-definition devices through a mini-HDMI cable or a USB 2 port. In other words, there’s hardly any this phone can not do.

Certainly, it will operates the comprehensive assortment of quad-band frequencies, providing GSM, GPRS/EDGE regularity procedures on 800, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz, as will as UMTS and HSPA capability on 800, 850, 1900 and 2100 MHz. These are the frequencies used by AT&T and T-Mobile yet not by a CDMA gadget, such as those supplied by Sprint or Alltel.

The MK16A provides comprehensive radio capability plus accessibility to the RDS service (Radio Directory site Service, where the screen showcases not only the terminal played however also the artist and regularity and, in many cases, if a sideband is provided with highway solution such as web traffic, you could additionally obtain useful visitor traffic information).

It additionally supplies an HTML web browser along with DLNA-compatibility, Flash 10.1 and access to Google maps and GPS services.

As you can see this is a well-rounded phone that can take care of anything you ask of it. Instead of requiring 2 gadgets, such as a tablet computer and a phone, for that matter, this is the one device you have to carry with you as it offers you up to a full day’s talk time before you have to bill it once again or you can connect it in an use it as a speakerphone while the electric battery is recharged.


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