Kenya To Open Africa’s First Underwater Gallery In 2014

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Kenya will certainly come to be the initial nation in Africa to have an underwater museum as it gets ready to open the new marine destination in the Malindi Marine National Playground in 2014.

The underwater museum is anticipated to entice expert divers and tourists going on diving vacations in Kenya’s coast where site visitors could check out around 35 shipwrecks and swim with an array of gorgeous marine animals.

The sunken wrecks are dispersed throughout Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, Watamu and South Coast and will certainly supply a lot of wreck scuba diving chances for diving divers.

The National Museums of Kenya (NMK) is intending to bring back the accident of the Santo Antonio, a Portuguese warship that pushes the ocean bed near Ft Jesus on the island of Mombasa.

The waters surrounding the port town of Mombasa are said to be home to a minimum of 10 ships and undersea excavators share that if the vessels are well kept, the area can turned into one of the leading scuba diving destinations in the Indian Sea region.
Mr Caesar Bita, the Head of Underwater Archaeology for the National Museums of Kenya, and his associate Phillip Wanyama have actually spent hrs examining the Santo Antonio accident.

“One of the ways to preserve these artifacts and transform them into visitor destinations is by protecting the wreck and suitable it with underwater video cameras that transmit pictures to visitors over sea level. Offered today’s technology, this is possible, although a bit pricey,” described Mr Bita.

Various other shipwrecks that hinge on Mombasa’s waters feature the Highland Lassie (1879), the Sussex (1909), and the Hamad (1909).
Phillip Wanyama discussed that gallery is performing a search in the Indian Sea to papers the shipwrecks in Mombasa, Malindi, and Lamu. Seekings of the study will certainly be recorded so the National Museums of Kenya could establish the status of the shipwrecks, analyze their stability in the ocean and determine the original products that were used to build the vessels.

A 14th-Century ship was uncovered by Mr Bita during a wreck diving survey in 2008 in Malindi and is thought to be the earliest ship that lies along the Kenyan coastline.

The undersea gallery will be found near Malindi and along with enticing tourists taking pleasure in diving vacations, the wrecks are likewise home to regular visitors featuring sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, whale sharks and numerous various other incredible aquatic creatures.


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